Change happen! You move into a new house. You get a new cell phone number. You no longer have a land line in your home. You change your email address.

Have you remebered to update your contact information?

It is important to keep your contact information updated. There are times that we need to reach you to advise you on changes to your account etc.  There are products that will be offered that will require the correct contact information to be accessible to you, the member.

If you have changed your address, disconnected your land line, added a cell phone number, changed or added an email address or maybe even changed your name, we want to hear from you!

Update your Member Profile in Online

Log in to online banking
select Profile and Preferences from the menu on the left
select Change Contact Information
complete the form, confirm & submit

Email us

subject line: Update Member Information

Visit the branches: Brooklyn Branch 7763 Hwy 14, Newport or call 902-757-2525
                               Windsor Branch 150 Wentworth Road, Windsor or call 902-798-5726
                                Kennetcook Branch 6206 Hwy 354, Kennetcook or call 902- 362-2594