Trust Services

The need for Personal Trust Services is more evident today than at any other time. Many of our owners will require these services to effectively carry out personal and estate planning goals.

Victory Credit Union in partnership with Concentra are working together to ensure that our owners trust needs are met.

Concentra Trust specializes in planning and administering estates and trusts, regardless of value or complexity, including those with farms and businesses, out-of-province beneficiaries, or difficult family dynamics. The experts at Concentra Trust will ensure commitments and wishes are accurately fulfilled while maintaining sensitivity to the needs and concerns of all parties.

Concentra Trust can:

• act as a corporate executor
• act as an attorney or property guardian
• perform trustee and trust administration duties

Our flagship program, Executor EASE, is a unique, flexible service designed to help executors understand and navigate their obligations and responsibilities. Executors can choose from a range of services and select only the options they require.


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