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Freedom is emailing money from anywhere with Interac e-Transfer®

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What is Interac e-Transfer®?

 Interac e-Transfer® is used to send, request and receive money in minutes*. Anyone with an email address or mobile phone number and an account at a participating Canadian credit union or bank can use the service without sharing any personal finacial information. The process is simple, convenient and provides a great alternative to cheques and cash.

  • Send and receive money directly from and to your existing bank account
  • Autodeposit your money or request money
  • It's quick, safe, easy and convenient.
  • Accessible through online banking, mobile web, and mobile apps
  • Funds are accessible immediately after the transfer is deposited.
  • No personal or financial information is shared

How secure is Interac e-Transfer®?
 Interac e-Transfer® is one of the safest digital money transfer services in the world.
When the service is used, the money is trnasferred using established and secure banking procedures that financial institutions have used for years to settle cheques, bnak machine deposits and withdrawals. Money never travels by email or text - these are simply used to notify you that money was sent or requested, as well as provide instructions to deposit.

What is an intercepted e-Transfer?
This occurs when a legitimate customer sends and e-Transfer to someone they know. Criminals seize the opportunity to deposit the funds to a mule account before the intended recipient has the chance. The interception is not casued by a vulnerbility in MemberDirect® or the  Interac e-Transfer® product, but rather becasue the recipient's email account was accessed by a criminal; known as email account compromise. Once in that account, the criminals can "see" the notification from Interac and use the deposit link to redirect funds into a different account by answering the security question.

How do I protect myself from email account compromise?

There are several ways to protect your email account from being compromised. You should:
  • Use two-factor authentication for e-mail; most email providers have this feature.
  • Select a strong password for your email account and change it regularly.
  • Do not use the same password across various accounts.
  • Be cautious not to click on any phishing links and ensure that you are only transacting with trusted websites, vendors and people.

How do I use  Interac e-Transfer® safely?

When using  Interac e-Transfer®, you should:
  • Register for Autodeposit. This will make sending money on e-Transfer sevice more secure, as any transactions that are flagged for auto-deposit will be deposited without sending an email to the recipient.
  • Select a question and answer that is not easy for a third party to guess and cannot easily be found on social media. If the notification is intercepted, it will be harder for a criminal to answer and steal the funds.
  • Not communicate the answer to the security question via email or text.
  • Immediately notify your credit union if you sense anything suspicious about your transaction.

How do I access  Interac e-Transfer®?

Interac e-Transfer® can be accessed through Online Banking, Mobile Web and the Mobile App. Once logged in, simply select Transfers from the navigaiton menu to access  Interac e-Transfer®.

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® Trademark of INTERAC Inc. Used under license
* Transfer time is dependent on internet and financial institution connectivity