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Interac Flash

The fast, secure and convenient way to pay

Interac Flash® is a way to make debit transactions faster and more convenient for our busy members – whether it is a quick coffee before heading to work, or lunch on the run.

It’s quick, easy, and completely secure
Backed by Interac’s Zero Liability Policy
Eliminates the need to carry cash
and change for small purchases
No need to enter a PIN for smaller purchases under $100

What is Interac Flash®?
Interac Flash® is a contactless payment
technology that lets you pay for purchases
under $100 by simply holding your Interac Flash®
enabled credit union debit card up to an Interac
Flash® enabled debit machine.

Is Interac Flash® secure?
Yes, Interac Flash® uses secure chip processing
technology that provides all the benefits of
Interac® debit, including protection against
skimming, counterfeiting, replay fraud, and
electronic pickpocketing. Interac Flash® uses
the latest chip technology, has unique security
that protects every transaction, and comes with
Interac’s Zero Liability Policy.

Why are there spending limits?
Spending limits are set on Interac Flash® to
protect you. A single transaction can’t exceed
$100. If your purchase is above this limit, you will
be prompted to insert your card and enter your
PIN. As an added layer of protection, there also is
a $200 cumulative spend limit for Interac Flash®
transactions. This is the sum of all contactless
transactions made with your card since the last time
you entered your PIN. When this limit is reached,
you will be asked to insert your card and enter your
PIN. This will reset your limit so you can continue to
use Interac Flash®.
How do I use it?
To pay using Interac Flash®, you follow these
4 easy steps:
1. Look for the Interac Flash® symbol when
making debit purchases
2. Hold the card no farther than 4 cm from the
front of the terminal
3. Listen for the beep or approval message that
indicates the transaction is complete
4. The purchase amount will be debited from
your credit union account
How do I activate my new Interac Flash® Debit Card?
When you receive your new Interac Flash® credit
union debit card, it will have a new number on
the front, but still contain your existing PIN. To
activate your new card all you have to do is enter
your existing PIN at a debit machine the first time
you use it. Once this is done, your new card is
activated and so is Interac Flash®!
Which one of my accounts will be debited?
Your purchases will be debited from the savings
or chequing account you have associated with
your credit union debit card. The default account
debited is your chequing account. If you don’t
have a chequing account, purchases will be
debited from your savings account.

Are there fees for using Interac Flash®?
Interac Flash® transactions are processed the
same way as your regular debit card transactions.
There are no surcharges applied to Interac Flash®.
How can I tell if Interac Flash® is an accepted form of payment?
Interac Flash® enabled debit cards and
debit machines will display this symbol:
For a list of merchants who accept Interac Flash®,
What if I don’t want to use
Interac Flash®?
Interac Flash® is an optional feature and intended
to offer you more convenience. You can choose
not to use it and continue using your credit union
debit card with chip and PIN access.


How do I keep track of purchases
made using Interac Flash®?
Will I be able to get receipts?
Your Interac Flash® credit union debit card
functions just as your previous debit card did.
Transactions will be itemized on your account
statement and appear under your online or
mobile banking account activity with the rest of
your transactions. If you want a receipt, you can
request one from the business where you made
the purchase.
Will my Interac Flash® debit card
work with terminals that are not
Interac Flash® enabled?
Yes. Your card will work, but you’ll have to insert
your card for the chip-reader and enter your PIN.
Can I accidentally pay for
something if I stand or hold my
debit card too close to a terminal?
Two things would have to happen at the same
time for a transaction to go through while your
card is still in your wallet. First, the machine would
have to be ready to receive a debit transaction.
Second, your card would have to get within 4 cm
of the machine. It is good to be aware of where
your card is when entering line ups for purchases,
but the likelihood of making a purchase without
being aware is virtually impossible.
Can the information on my card
be stolen, even if my debit card
is in my purse or wallet?
No. There is security built into the chip in your
credit union debit card that protects you. The
chip uses processing power and cryptography
that prevents fraudulent activity like skimming
and counterfeiting.
What if someone steals my
debit card?
Interac Flash® comes with Interac’s Zero Liability
Policy to protect you from unauthorized use of
your card. If your card is stolen, contact your credit union immediately to report it.


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